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Sep 15, 2021
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I know not many of us have yet… Honestly, I can’t wait until they come to the US! Not sure when that‘ll be but crazy excited anyway! 😂 ( the floof is real ladies and gentlemen 😂👆🏼 )
Have you ever been to a MUE concert/performance? 🤘🏼🎸 content media
Apr 15, 2021
In Anything MUE
here’s mine....... i don’t remember what day it was but i think it was in march ( 2020 ) i was looking up ‘ When I Come Around ‘ covers by Green Day when i saw this video, these long haired boys that looked like they’d popped straight out of the 90s just rocking out in their living room! 😂 i was super curious so i watched the video and i was amazed at these guys talent! ( especially Todd and his vocals 👏🏼 ) then like about a month later i looked them up again, ( i was intrigued by their band name so i didn’t forget it 😉 ) and it was actually Kobys 16th birthday! so i listened to some of their originals, new singles and watched some more videos and i became an immediate fan! haha i became so obsessed and so invested! ( still am! 😂 ) so it’s been about a year now. 🥲 i’ve made some really awesome friends as well ;) i think one of my favorite things about MUE is probably the community. it feels like everyone has a part. everyone is important. validated i guess. i’ve never experienced that in a fanbase. so that part makes me really happy 😊 hah i think i’ve covered it all so i guess that’s it.... 😂🥰 ( thanks for reading if you’ve made it this far )
how did you become a MUE fan? comment your story! ;)  content media
Mar 31, 2021
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what‘s your absolute favorite MUE cover? mine’s their cover of Interstate Love Song! 🥰 ( wind of change too actually 😁 )


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