After shopping around with different guitar companies and luthiers, Todd has finally settled on working with UK-based Stormshadow Guitarworks. They are a small custom shop that specialises in building guitars to the player's preferred specs.

"The guitars definitely shred, and I'm looking forward to a long lasting relationship with Stormshadow."
      - Todd

November 20, 2020 


Mixed Up Everything's long-awaited first T-Shirt is finally available through the online store. The artwork is a play on the recently released album cover for 'I Choose' featuring the trademark girl giving the finger, with the album's tracklist written in a circle behind.


Click here to purchase your shirt now!

May 21, 2020 


The first single from 2020 album 'I Choose'  has just been announced in a lyric video release on Mixed Up Everything's YouTube channel. Tranquilliser is a pumping rock song with obvious punk influence, while still maintaining Mixed Up Everything's signature heavy-rock sound.

It can be bought online at iTunes, Amazon and the Mixed Up Everything Store, and is available for streaming on all platforms.

March 16, 2020 


11 solid rock tracks have been mixed and mastered, and they are ready to be played LOUD! 

The recording process took place at The Noise Factory in Namur, Belgium where Mixed Up Everything recorded a very natural-sounding, rock record; something reminiscent of the sound achieved in great 90s recordings such as Core, Appetite for Destruction or Blood Sugar Sex Magik. The drums sound real, the bass sound is raw, and the guitars sound alive! 

Now, Mixed Up Everything are preparing their launch campaign and looking forward to releasing their debut music video. 

February 17, 2020 


After a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign, that saw Mixed Up Everything surpass their goal by 10%, the band is set to start recording their new album in Belgium, December 2019.

From this new album, you can expect to hear a refreshing blast of guitar rock, of the kind that hasn't been heard within the last decade.

Release date: Early-mid 2020 TBA

 October 25, 2019 

300,000 Subs - Thank You!


300,000 subscribers!

Wow!! Truly blown away and incredibly thankful to each and every one of you who have subscribed, who love our music, and appreciate true rock music. 

If you asked us where this YouTube channel was headed 10 years back when Kevin first started it for his drum covers, we would never have thought we’d get 1/100th of the support we’ve received. And here we are now celebrating 300k subs. 

Glad you’ve all enjoyed watching and commenting on the videos. And as we’re getting close to pretty much having covered every 90s rock song ever (😉).. we ask that you’ll continue your support for the new music that we will be releasing in 2020!"

 - Mixed Up Everything

 October 23, 2019 

Debut Album 'Ex-Nihilo' released on Dec 14, 2017!


We are super stoked to finally announce the date for our debut album release.

This project has actually been a long time in the making as some of the riffs we've had, have been saved in our "memory bank" for two or three years. However, the whole thing clicked and came together only during the last 8-9 months.

Todd would be down in his room pretending to study as he was doing VCE (the final year of High School), while Kevin, Blake and Koby would be jamming together in the music room. It was not uncommon for Todd to ditch his "study time" and come into the room, asking: 'Could you play that riff again, cause I think I got some lyrics for it!' Bit by bit and piece by piece the whole thing started taking shape. 

Obviously we drew all our inspiration from real rock music from all past eras (70's, 80's and the 90's), but we didn't want to stick to one mold. When one listens to Ex-Nihilo, you'll find a variety of sounds and genres - the crunching of Metallica and Foo Fighters similarities; the grunge energy of Alice In Chains, Soundgarden or Pearl Jam; the screaming guitars of the Scorpions and Velvet Revolver; or the punk riffs inspired by Green Day, Chili Peppers and The Offspring.


After all we are called Mixed Up Everything... right ;) 


We hope you enjoy our first labour of love! See you all on the road... here, there and every freakin' where...  

 - Mixed Up Everything

December 14, 2017 

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